Downloading apps related to Quick School

Below you be able to download all Quick School related apps for schools and parents. These apps are available on the Play Store download platforms, but they may not be visible to some smartphones or tablets.

For schools

Android app
allows hosts and teachers to perform *

  • attendance at activities
  • the record of student absences
  • consumption and booking of meals

*The features available in the app depend on the modules activated in Quick School

Some of these features may not be available depending on the active modules for the school.

The app can be used without an internet connection.

The necessary information and the statements made are synchronised when you want with the Quick School server in order to be processed by the Quick School Suite management software.

Readings can be made via :
• scanning a QR Code generated by the management software for each student
• choosing from a list of students
• detecting an NFC chip assigned for each student

Access to the app is secured by a password defined by you, specific to each device.

The app complies with the requirements of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).

It is intended for Android devices and is available for free on the Google Play Store or downloadable via the button below.

Installation and configuration is easy and our support team can help you if necessary.

For parents

Android or iOS for *

  • booking meals for your children
  • viewing documents sent by the school
  • viewing and paying your school bills
  • booking participation in activities
  • managing invitations to parents' meetings
  • viewing messages and alerts sent by the school
  • ordering items on the school's e-shop
  • participation in forms created by the school
  • managing your credit
  • generating your child's QR code

*The features available in the app depend on the modules activated in Quick School by the school.

The Quick School Suite app is developed for Android and iOS devices.
Both versions are available for free on Google's Play Store and Apple's AppStore. The Android app is also available via the button below.
Installing the app is easy.
To access information about you and your children, the school will have provided you with a login and password.

You will be automatically notified of the arrival of any new message or new document concerning you.

No sensitive information is saved on your smartphone, apart from any downloads of documents or invoices that you have carried out.

Quick School Suite

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