The different modules

Quick School Suite has various specific modules:

Each module is available separately and can be used individually.

Quick School module: principle

The principle of use is simple: for each activity, the child is scanned (for example via a key ring provided with a QR code placed on their satchel or using an NFC badge). Quick School then initiates a series of processes: invoicing, payment reminder, statistics, etc.

Scanning children is easy, safe and fast. The model can be adapted to any type of activity: school transport, meals in the canteen, swimming pool management or any extra-curricular activity.

Functions of the Quick School module

Quick School allows you to manage a variety of features designed to meet the needs of schools.

Among these features, you will find :

What we provide

We provide and configure your Quick School Suite software and selected modules. If necessary, we can also provide you with the scanners/smartphones required for encoding, key chains or even NFC chips.


We take care of training your staff on the use of Quick School Suite and the Quick School Mobile Android app.


The descriptions of the different modules are available in the Quickschool environment


To use Quick School Suite, it is not necessary to consider purchasing a server. We provide you with access to our data centre.

The operation of Quick School Suite can be extended to several sites or several establishments.

Access is secure and confidential. This service includes a backup solution.


With Quick School Suite, you are free to choose your student-scanning solution.

For example, you can choose to scan your students with a smartphone or a computer scanner. For this, we have developed a simple and free application for Android: QuickSchool Mobile. This app is available on Google Play. You can also install it via the apk, which can be downloaded here.

Several scanning options are available to you: the QR Code, the Bar Code, or the NFC chip. It is, of course, possible to record participations directly in the Quick School module.

An all-inclusive fee

In order to avoid heavy investments, we offer a monthly subscription solution. This fee includes access to the server, the user licence, and all of our IT expertise to perform backups and software updates, along with a helpdesk, etc.

A constantly evolving software suite

Our team listens to users and is constantly developing the various modules to continue meeting customer needs. You will always have the latest version of the Quick School Suite component modules.

Particular emphasis is placed on the development of new features that will facilitate the exchange of information between the various players in the world of education: school administration and secretaries, teachers and staff, students and parents.

Online invoice payment

Quick School and Digiteal have set up a partnership to make it easier and more secure for parents to pay their Quick School bills.

Online payments are available in the apps.

Digiteal is a Belgian online payment company, BNB approved and well established on the Belgian market. Digiteal offers a secure and fast online payment solution (portal and app).

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